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For legal matters concerning Vero Beach and the Treasure Coast, the law firm of Rooney & Rooney, P.A. has been your local attorneys for over 16 years. When you are battling for justice in your legal matter, a small voice at the other end of the phone line just is not the same. At Rooney & Rooney, P.A. we sit with you around the table at our office in the old Courthouse Building in Vero Beach and find the best resolution for you.

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Have you heard of the new requirement for reporting beneficial ownership information to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, also referred to as FinCEN? This is a new requirement for all businesses operated within the United States. Any business formed before January 1, 2024 has until the … [Read More...]

Checklist for Insurance Claim

Here are some things to consider before making a claim for hurricane damage. 1. Check your policy.  Before making a claim for hurricane damage, we recommend you check your policy to determine your coverages. What we mean by this is for you to check what types of damage are covered under your … [Read More...]

What is an Elder Abuse Injunction?

The elder abuse injunction law allows judges to issue an injunction to protect vulnerable adults from exploitation. The injunction will typically be issued temporarily until a hearing is set with the court. Who is considered a “Vulnerable Adult”? A vulnerable adult is anyone 18 years of age or … [Read More...]

When should you get divorced?

While we make no judgment about when people elect to end their marriage by filing divorce proceedings, we have noticed a curious trend over the years in our practice. It may only be a coincidence, but it seems that there is an increase in clients retaining our services for an action for dissolution … [Read More...]

Are short-term rentals permitted in Florida?

Recently, we have seen an influx in clients looking to rent their homes on sites like and similar sites. There has been a lot of unclear information about the laws and local ordinances governing the short-term rentals, also known as vacation rentals. The requirements and prohibitions … [Read More...]

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